Lining up for a coffee, food, getting into an elevator, or in line to grab a beer, just got 100% safer thanks to a smart floor which can systematically enforce safe social distancing. It’s called On-Q-Mat. Developed by Imagine Intelligent Materials (IIM), On-Q-Mat uses state-of-the-art technology to keep you safe and ensure social distancing is effortless.

The On-Q-Mat flooring utilises the breakthrough properties of graphene, which, coated on surfaces, enables them to communicate with devices including mobile phones. The system is based on a simple “traffic light” warning system. Everyone understands that red means stop (you’re getting too close), and green means go (you’re safe). On-Q-Mat gives consumers precise, immediate feedback about how far apart they are, says Chris Gilbey, CEO and Chairman of IIM. Floors using On-Q-Mat immediately capture data and warns them and others around them if they break social distancing protocols.

Chris says, “We want to see how consumers react to the mat and the traffic light system. It’s a very simple looking solution that has been years in development. We want to understand whether this simple system can make people feel safe visiting businesses, once again. We are starting active consumer research to the greatest extent that is possible in a lock down environment, so that we can use the feedback to make changes quickly and then move into fast track major production.”

In a world where social distancing is the new norm, On-Q-Mat is an Australian contribution to a very important growing arsenal of tools that assist in safe socialising. At the same time, the technology offers a guarantee to businesses that customers will be warned every time they breach safe distancing rules, allowing businesses to feel safer opening and allowing for their businesses to stay afloat.

We agree with Chris Gilbey that On-Q-Mat could be highly beneficial for Australian businesses, both now and for the foreseeable future. It will give business owners and consumers the confidence that there are initiatives under development that will help everyone adjust to this “new normal”.


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