I am very pleased to accept the honourable role as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Australian Graphene Industry Association (AGIA).  The AGIA exists because of the tireless efforts of a few people who had the genesis for the industry association in 2017 – the “Founders”. One of these Founders is the former Chair and current Director of AGIA Chris Gilbey AOM. I thank Chris for his efforts to get the AGIA launched and funded – no small feat whilst also launching his own international graphene business – Imagine Intelligent Materials. I also must thank the Victorian Government for their funding contributions for without which the AGIA would not exist today. Thanks must also go to the other Founding Directors of the AGIA – Professor Bronwyn Fox – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) at Swinburne University of Technology and Simon Savage  – Managing Director of Ionic Industries Ltd.

Looking towards the year of 2021 and beyond for the AGIA with the support of the Directors, Members and important stakeholders – we are shifting to a focus of developing the AGIA Graphene 2030 White Paper which will outline the potential ways graphene will add significant value to the Australian and Global community through:

  • Reducing global greenhouse emissions through various technologies (including batteries, water filtration, sensing and energy saving liquids)
  • Supporting COVID-19 management and recovery efforts through various technologies (including virus killing, virus filters and people movement sensing)
  • Significant new investment and jobs for Australia’s manufacturing, information technology, engineering and science sectors.
  • Bringing significant scientific and engineering intellectual property developed with or by Australian universities and academic institutions through to commercialisation globally.
  • Future proofing Australian industry by supporting them to use the “wondrous” graphene material to lead the future of their industry globally.
  • Ensure environmental and health regulations for the safe introduction of graphene are supported with academic and industry based knowledge.

I look forward to delivering the AGIA Graphene 2030 White Paper with the support from the Directors, Members and important stakeholders of the AGIA.

All feedback on what you would like to see in this white paper will be gratefully received. Please send your inquiries to gm@grapheneindustry.org.au.





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