GMG Graphene enhanced automotive lubricant G-LUBRICANT™ is raising industry eyebrows
due to its superior performance against existing lubricants.

Graphene Manufacturing Group continues to innovate and invest. A vital element of the investment is their Stanhope Seta 4 Ball Wear Testing equipment. 4 Ball Wear Tear equipment is a Lubricant Industry Standard to undertake ASTM testing to assess lubricant performance and is only one of a small number in Australasia. GMG's G-lubricant

G-LUBRICANT™ delivers a fresh tribological advancement for the lubricant industry. GMG utilised its new 4 Ball wear testing equipment to record the increasing superiority G-LUBRICANT™ has over standard lubricants.

Vehicle owners will find G-LUBRICANT™ meaningful because engine friction can consume up to 25% of the energy required to run a vehicle. Hence a friction reduction would provide energy and emission savings. Also, tribology whilst continually striving to solve these problems has had advancements peak in recent years.

G-LUBRICANT™ is attracting interest across the globe. However, its GMG’s staff who are directly benefiting from G-LUBRICANT™ with those who are using it in their vehicle reporting performance increase and lower fuel consumption.

GMG Graphene has superior compatibility with lubricant base oils compared to numerous assessed Graphite derived Graphene. However, the enhancement Graphene makes once again showcases why Graphene is a wonder material.



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