GMG Graphene enhanced heat-transfer fluid G-COOLANT™ is a thermodynamic innovation. GMG’s Graphene heat dissipation properties are being leveraged in new applications and markets.

Vehicle mechanics and componentry is rapidly evolving, and vehicle operating fluid technology innovation is lagging. G-COOLANT™ delivers a chance to close the gap and overtake.

GMG CoolantGraphene Manufacturing Group continues to leverage the properties of GMG Graphene. The heat dissipation properties of GMG Graphene are being formally tested and initial results are very impressive.

Vehicle owners will find G-COOLANT™ important because engine heat can represent up to 33% energy wastage. A dynamic thermal enhancement would provide energy and emission savings. Also, it would reduce engine stress, thereby adding longevity to the vehicle’s life and lower maintenance. These benefits amount to cost savings and more planet-friendly impacts for the vehicle owner.

G-COOLANT™ is magnetising international automotive brand names, racing and performance vehicle players, and market segments from passenger vehicles to heavy-duty commercial.

GMG Graphene physics and GMG’s scientific team have configured GMG Graphene enhanced coolant whilst not contaminating, de-stabilising or adversely affecting coolant compared to other nanoparticle chemistry. The unique properties of Graphene are proof that Graphene is pioneering.



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