The Australian Graphene Industry Association (AGIA) was established to provide valuable information on a material that will be critical to national and global economies in the 21st Century.

The AGIA will create linkages between industry, government, capital markets, entrepreneurs, researchers, and the community.

In his 2017 book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, identifies the paradigm shift to engineered materials as being a key innovation of Industry 4.0.

“With attributes that seemed unimaginable a few years ago, new materials are coming to market,” he writes. “On the whole, they are lighter, stronger, recyclable and adaptive. When graphene becomes price competitive… it could significantly disrupt the manufacturing and infrastructure industries.”

The AGIA is a not-for-profit industry association. It was established both to advance the growth of Australian advanced manufacturing in Australia and to ensure that there is a trusted knowledge resource about graphene. AGIA seeks also to ensure that Australia realises the commercial opportunities associated with graphene and participates in establishing the global standards for its use.

  • AGIA will achieve this by:
    Providing a co-ordinated voice for the companies and research organisations that will benefit from the commercial exploitation of graphene and the intellectual property created around graphene;
  • Providing a way for the public to understand the benefits that graphene will have for the Australian economy and for society in general;
  • Providing reports and analyses to government detailing opportunities for economic development delivered as a result of integrating graphene into manufacturing;
  • Providing a platform for STEM graduates to rapidly identify jobs in industry that relate to graphene, and in so doing provide economic encouragement to students to undertake STEM degrees;
  • Promoting the industry of manufacturing graphene and graphene-related materials in Australia;
  • Providing leadership and advocacy to government on health and safety when graphene and/or graphene-related materials are incorporated into products and goods;
  • Coordinating and developing contributions to standards and regulations relating to graphene, including ISO Standards;
  • Liaising with The Centre for Defence Industry Capability on defence-related capabilities involving graphene and graphene-relatedmaterials as well as organizations representing industry groups where graphene has value and relevance;
  • Curating the most up to date content that references graphene for the benefit of members and the broader community;
  • Running an annual conference that attracts business and research leaders as well as managers of capital, from around the world, to Australia to discuss and explore entrepreneurship and business opportunities in graphene with global market potential, and
    Facilitating relationships between various stakeholders engaged in the graphene industry both within Australia and overseas, including bilateral and multilateral meetings and conferences.

Our founding members include:

  • Imagine Intelligent Materials
  • Geofabrics Australasia
  • Ionic Industries
  • Swinburne University

ABN 85 623 383 880

Registered Address:

82 Brougham St.
Geelong, Victoria 3220

A copy of the full AGIA constitution is available for download below. 19 pages PDF format.
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