Australian Stories

Graphene related news from Australia only.

Introducing General Manager at AGIA

General Manager - Charlotte Dunstan has joined AGIA recently. Other recent changes include the addition of Stephen Wee and Mike Grogan as Directors. Charlotte Dunstan has a passion for innovation and technology transfer and draws on her global networks to create...

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Graphene by the Tonne – Talga

Australian company Talga Resources are making graphene by the tonne. The CEO was interviewed recently about producing and commercialising graphene related products. "Ultrapure graphene is grown in labs under carefully controlled conditions, but Mark Thompson (CEO)...

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Graphene Film Solar Harvesting Research

Graphene-based film may one day soon dramatically improve the efficiency of solar energy harvesting according to researchers at Swinburne University. "At just 90-nanometres thick – 1000 times finer than the width of a human hair – this ultra-thin, graphene-based film...

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