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Graphene related news from Australia only.

Graphene Enhanced Safety Boots

Graphene enhanced safety boots are the latest product development that have been announced by First Graphene and manufacturer Steel Blue. Note: Boots in image are not graphene enhanced - sample only. "First Graphene Limited has joined with Steel Blue for product...

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Producing silicon free graphene

"Utilising high purity graphite as a precursor is the only route to produce silicon-free graphene." is from 'Silicon as a ubiquitous contaminant in graphene derivatives with significant impact on device performance' in Nature by Rouhollah Jalili and a number of other...

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AGIA @ Beav’s Bar on 29 November

Join us for a free round of drinks and discussion from leaders of the Australian graphene industry at Beav's Bar. While you're there, see the latest graphene sensing fabrics from Geelong based Imagine Intelligent Materials. Hear Vito Giorgio (Imagine IM) talk about...

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