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Australian Graphene Industry Association held its first annual conference in Melbourne on October 8 see archive

Next year same place Oct 10th see you there? Save the date now.

Manufacturing Graphene Fibres

Graphene fibre has potential applications in diverse technological areas, from energy storage, electronics and optics, electro-magnetics, thermal conductor and thermal management, to structural applications. A team of researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic...

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Quantum computing with graphene based qubits

Quantum computing with graphene based qubits could allow quantum computers to solve complex problems that are practically impossible for traditional computers. "Researchers from MIT and elsewhere have recorded, for the first time, the “temporal coherence” of a...

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Graphene Supercapacitors are World Changing

Graphene supercapacitors could dramatically transform battery charging. "With any luck, in the next 10-15 years, we’ll have super capacitor batteries that can handle energy densities at industrial scales giving us quick, plentiful...

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Graphene-based brain implant

With this graphene-based brain implant, technology has moved away from electrodes. It uses a new transistor-based architecture which amplifies signals in the brain in situ. It then transmits the signals to a receiver. The graphene-based implant detects activity below...

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Environmental Performance of Graphene

Environmental Performance of Graphene. Reducing contaminants from water and air by using graphene and graphene oxide structures. This research could have applications for global climate change mitigation. Abstract Three-dimensional macrostructures (3DMs) of graphene...

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Magic Angle Graphene

Finding the magic angle to twist graphene layers could enable radically more-efficient transmission of electricity ( and much more) which is why this research is significant.   "One reason for the intense interest in twisted graphene is the stark similarities...

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