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Rare Metal Indium – Or Graphene?

Rare metal Indium is widely used in solar panels, mobile phones and other industrial uses. It is also very expensive and so graphene is being explored as a possible replacement. "Queen Mary University of London and the graphene-device company Paragraf have been...

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Graphene based Quantum Fingerprint Technology

Graphene based quantum devices are being developed to provide atomic scale security and identity tracking for products and supply chains by a UK company called Quantum Base. "Building on Nobel Prize winning work in graphene (2010), a one-atom thick ‘2D’ material, we...

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Graphene Enhanced Lubricants – Engine Oil

Graphene enhanced lubricants are said to improve engine life by performing measurably better than regular motor oil.   This product was included in the "Graphene Commercialization" video by Terrance Barkan (Graphene Council) for June 2019. This is one a series of...

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Wearable technology for health and fitness

The wearable technology market for health and fitness is constantly looking for new materials. Using graphene for sensors, health tracking and so on is a growth business. Created in 1780, the world’s first pedometer was developed using an earlier mechanism of a...

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Graphene Hoodie Is the First of Its Kind

Graphene hoodie by Bight uses graphene for its thermal qualities and also to reduce odour. This product is available now and made of polyester, graphene and spandex in both womens and mens sizing. Includes UPF 55+ sun protection. "If like us, you read all the specs on...

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Graphene Nanoplatelets in PET for bottles

Graphene nanoplatelets in PET for various bottle applications are being developed by XG Sciences (XGS) and Niagara Bottling for the food and beverage packaging industry. "The firms have signed an intellectual property (IP) licence and joint development and...

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Washable and Wearable Batteries for Fabrics

Washable and wearable batteries have been developed by researchers from the University of Cambridge and Jiangnan University in China who have developed electronic components that can be directly incorporated into fabrics. "Washable, wearable ‘batteries’: based on...

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Graphene Container System for Manufacturing

A graphene container system for manufacturing has been developed by GrapheneCA. The 40-foot containers are designed specifically for industrial producers and high-tech applications of graphene. "It has developed a novel Mobile Graphene Container System (MGCS), the...

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