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Graphene Flakes to Stop Epileptic Seizures

Could graphene flakes be used to help prevent and mitigate seizures? A team of researchers have tested tiny flakes of graphene as part of neuroscience research. "During epileptic seizures, the brain’s excitatory neurons go haywire, generating extreme amounts of...

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Graphene Oxide based membrane inspired by nature

Graphene Oxide based membranes inspired by nature could help improve the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. "The nanoscale water channels that nature has evolved to rapidly shuttle water molecules into and out of cells could inspire new materials to clean up...

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Smart Wearables start-up aims high

A smart wearables start-up is partnering with the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), based at the University of Manchester, to combine sensor technology, 5G and fashion to break into new sectors with the resulting 'bio-data'. "Manchester-based tech...

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Graphene Batteries for Vehicles

Graphene batteries are starting to be integrated into next-generation electronics and vehicles. For example this Lamborghini concept uses the car body itself as part of the battery. "Thinking about mission-critical technologies, as I pen this piece my iPhone’s battery...

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Graphene enhanced concrete additive

Using a graphene enhanced concrete additive changes the strength and weight aspects of the concrete. The graphene enhanced concrete additive is being developed by Canadian company Zen Graphene Solutions. "Graphene represents a conceptually new class of material that...

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Graphene artworks – no ink needed

Making graphene artworks using a laser is what Houston artist and co-author Joseph Cohen does. "When you read about electrifying art, "electrifying" isn't usually a verb. But an artist working with a Rice University lab is in fact making artwork that can deliver a...

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