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Australian Graphene Industry Association held its first annual conference in Melbourne on October 8 see archive

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Graphene for cancer detection

Graphene may be used for advanced detection of early-stage lung cancer in the future according to researchers at the University of Exeter. The “supermaterial” graphene may be the key to advanced detection of early-stage lung cancer in the future, according to...

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Graphene Heat Management Potential

Graphene heat management may be useful if graphene could rapidly carry off heat as waves. That might allow even more miniaturisation. This phenomenon (called "second sound") could help cool future electronics. "Graphite is a very common material, and the effect was...

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Graphene Oxide Photonics

A Chinese research team used graphene oxide to test photo-induced active (anti-gradient) ion transport in 2D layered materials. "It provides a completely new way for remote, non-invasive, and active control of the transport behaviors in synthetic membrane materials."...

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Graphene Film Solar Harvesting Research

Graphene-based film may one day soon dramatically improve the efficiency of solar energy harvesting according to researchers at Swinburne University. "At just 90-nanometres thick – 1000 times finer than the width of a human hair – this ultra-thin, graphene-based film...

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Conductive Graphene Inks Scaleable

Conductive graphene inks are now scaleable for industrial use. With the 100% yield of the microfluidisation method, it is now possible to produce high quality graphene in sufficient quantities for commercial products. "Conductive inks based on graphene and layered...

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Spontaneous spin polarisation demonstrated

Spontaneous spin polarisation in two dimensional materials is possible when graphene is used. This one is for the experimental physicists to research some more. "The results show how exciting experimental physics can be, and how we're constantly learning new things...

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Graphene Block Propagation Protocol

The Graphene (block) protocol transmits blocks with what is believed to be the least amount of bandwidth possible. Graphene mitigates the bandwidth issues. In the "Graphene Block Propagation Protocol: Advantages and Limitations/Challenges" by Darren Tapp he outlines...

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Manufacturing Quality Challenge

Producing single-layer graphene is a manufacturing quality challenge. CSIR-NPL have designed a device that produce the right quality graphene to be used in next-generation quantum devices. "Researchers at Delhi’s National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL) have designed a...

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Mobile Sensors to Sniff out Toxic Substances

Mobile Sensors that can be integrated into mobile phones are being developed in Estonia. The graphene-based sensor can monitor toxic substances in the air and provide alerts. "Physicists at the University of Tartu have developed a sensor that can be integrated into...

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Graphene and gold for biosensor detection

"Graphene and gold are now being used in ultra-sensitive biosensors to detect diseases at the molecular level with near perfect efficiency." "In a paper published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, scientists with the University of Minnesota explain how they...

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Perpetual Power for IoT Devices ?

Perpetual Power for IoT is a very real challenge. Some experimental technologies such as energy harvesting, or graphene itself as a source of energy are being explored. "Powering small remote Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as sensors that can’t be connected to...

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