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Australian Graphene Industry Association held its first annual conference in Melbourne on October 8 see archive

2019 date is Nov 19th in AMDC301 and Skylounge at Swinburne. Save the date now.

Fastest graphene charger

The fastest graphene charger is the Graphene 5K HyperCharger according to Salon. This graphene charger is an ultra-thin, energy efficient battery made of supremely strong and lightweight carbon.   "If you walked into a coffee shop thirty years ago and desperately...

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Graphosite project under development

"The Graphosite project is designed to respond to the need for enhanced defect detection techniques in composites, driven by the increased use of composites in the aviation, automotive and marine industries, and in civil structures." "A research consortium has been...

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Silicon-Graphene Devices for Photonics

Silicon-graphene devices for photonics could enable faster communications between devices and users. By combining silicon with graphene the devices will work faster. "If you use a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, then you benefit from research in photonics, the study of...

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CRISPR-Chip uses graphene

A new CRISPR-Chip device with electronic transistors made from graphene can detect specific genetic mutations in a matter of minutes. This means that genetic testing could be performed in a doctor’s office or field work setting without having to send a sample off to a...

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Mushrooms and Graphene Nano-ribbons

Why engineer mushrooms and graphene together? Researchers say: this offers "enormous opportunities for next-generation bio-hybrid applications" in healthcare and other sectors. "Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology have taken an ordinary white button...

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Wuxi Graphene Film’s CVD heating films

Wuxi Graphene film is "highly flexible and even rollable. In fact that's one of the main advantages of this new technology compared to other heating films". "Review: China-based Wuxi Graphene Film (owned by Grahope New Materials and The Sixth Element) produces...

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Graphene Gels for Manufacturers

New graphene gels make graphene safe and easy to handle and directly usable by manufacturers with known production technology to create end user products. Concrete examples are cosmetics products, sensors and multiple-base substrates for aerogels. "Partnering with a...

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Graphene for cancer detection

Graphene may be used for advanced detection of early-stage lung cancer in the future according to researchers at the University of Exeter. The “supermaterial” graphene may be the key to advanced detection of early-stage lung cancer in the future, according to...

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Graphene Heat Management Potential

Graphene heat management may be useful if graphene could rapidly carry off heat as waves. That might allow even more miniaturisation. This phenomenon (called "second sound") could help cool future electronics. "Graphite is a very common material, and the effect was...

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Graphene Oxide Photonics

A Chinese research team used graphene oxide to test photo-induced active (anti-gradient) ion transport in 2D layered materials. "It provides a completely new way for remote, non-invasive, and active control of the transport behaviors in synthetic membrane materials."...

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Graphene Film Solar Harvesting Research

Graphene-based film may one day soon dramatically improve the efficiency of solar energy harvesting according to researchers at Swinburne University. "At just 90-nanometres thick – 1000 times finer than the width of a human hair – this ultra-thin, graphene-based film...

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