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Grafine Ltd sets up R & D facility at GEIC

Grafine Ltd is looking to exploit the potential of rubber and elastomer products, a global market forecast to be more than £70 billion by 2021. "Grafine Ltd has established a Research and Development(R&D) facility in the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre...

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Italian distribution deal for Applied Graphene

Italian distribution deal confirmed for Applied Graphene graphene dispersion technologies with chemical distribution company CAME Srl. The agreement marks another milestone in the commercialisation of graphene based products for Applied Graphene. "The AIM-traded...

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Thermal Management Graphene devices in Space

The Graphene Flagship project, which is funded by the EU, has completed zero gravity experiments for new thermal management graphene devices for space applications. In May 2019, the Graphene Flagship has embarked on a new campaign for zero gravity parabolic flights to...

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Artificial Atoms for Quantum Computing

Artificial atoms made from graphene open up new possibilities in secure quantum communications. White graphene was used to create the artificial atoms. "In a new paper in the journal Nano Letter, scientists at the University of Oregon (UO) show how they used white...

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Graphene Flakes to Stop Epileptic Seizures

Could graphene flakes be used to help prevent and mitigate seizures? A team of researchers have tested tiny flakes of graphene as part of neuroscience research. "During epileptic seizures, the brain’s excitatory neurons go haywire, generating extreme amounts of...

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Graphene Oxide based membrane inspired by nature

Graphene Oxide based membranes inspired by nature could help improve the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. "The nanoscale water channels that nature has evolved to rapidly shuttle water molecules into and out of cells could inspire new materials to clean up...

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