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Australian Graphene Industry Association held its first annual conference in Melbourne on October 8 see archive

2019 date is Nov 13th in AMDC301 and Skylounge at Swinburne. Save the date now.

GrapheneCA launches second production line

GrapheneCA launches its second graphene production line in Brooklyn. They are very proud of their environmentally friendly production process. Scaling up of the production volume is indicative of growing demand for graphene. "The...

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Graphene Application Examples

Graphene application examples across a number of sectors include Energy, Material Science, Automotive, Biotech and Technology according to R & D Mag in their special focus series. "Since graphene was first isolated over a decade ago, researchers have been...

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Commercial graphene products including paint

Commercial graphene products to buy now. Graphene looks like a great idea but what graphene products can you actually buy now? Commercial graphene related products are gaining momentum. Here are some of those products. In the sports world there are golf balls, hiking...

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Sensing capability of Graphene

The sensing capability of graphene is quite stunning and is only now beginning to be leveraged in advanced micro-device designs for the future, particularly in life science applications. "Single atom thick sheet graphene, with its conductivity, strength and surface to...

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Ford uses graphene for car components

Ford uses graphene for car parts under the hood and is looking to extend usage of graphene to other components. While graphene could be used to improve the strength and mechanical properties of a variety of automotive parts, it is not yet fully economically viable for...

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Engineering graphene structure

Engineering graphene structure at an atomic level will "allow for the precise engineering of the sensitivity during the material synthesis, thereby enabling industrial-scale production of carbon-based electrodes with reliable and reproducible sensitivity." "A team of...

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Graphene oxide dough for manufacturing

Graphene oxide dough (GO dough) makes graphene easy to shape and solves manufacturing challenges. "A Northwestern University team is reshaping the world of graphene — literally.   The team has turned graphene oxide (GO) into a soft, mouldable and kneadable play...

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Graphene Gel Salt Water Batteries

Graphene Gel Salt Water Batteries based on this technology should charge faster, run longer and theoretically may last indefinitely. Saint Jean Carbon Inc will start building the first prototype graphene gel salt water batteries. "Saint Jean Carbon Inc. (“Saint Jean”...

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Graphene & Renewable Fuels

A combination of natural energy and graphene attached to cubic silicon carbide could yield renewable fuels. "A Linköping University research team has created a method that produces graphene with several layers with the ultimate goal of converting water and carbon...

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