AGIA Constitution

AGIA is established to be a charity with the purpose of advancing the
graphene industry in Australia, by:

(i) Promoting the industry of graphene and graphene-related materials in
(ii) Providing leadership and advocacy to government on health and
safety when using graphene and/or graphene-related materials;
(iii) Coordinating and develop contributions to standards and regulations
on relating to graphene including ISO Standards;
(iv) Representing all parties interested in commercial applications of
graphene and graphene related materials, as well as those engaged in
pure research;
(v) Liaising with The Centre for Defence Industry Capability on defencerelated capabilities involving graphene and graphene-related
(vi) Curating content that references graphene for the benefit of members
and the broader community; and
(vii) Facilitating relationships between various stakeholders engaged in the
graphene industry both within Australia and overseas, including
bilateral and multilateral meetings and conferences.

AGIA Limited Constitution